Shoot and destroy enemy ships, collect the orange plasma that drops from them.

The plasma will fill the power meter at the top of the screen. When the meter is full, your ship will increase in rank and firepower. All those extra bullets use up a lot of plasma, so your meter will slowly drop over time. You will also lose plasma when your ship is damaged.

Your ship's health bar is on the right side of the screen. Your ship will be destroyed when the bar is empty, but you can fill it back up with the repair power-up.

Enemies drop other power-ups when you destroy them, including shields, different weapons, and wingmen. If the power-up has a duration, an icon on the left side of the screen will show you how much time it has left.

The bomb power-up is displayed on the right side of the screen. You can tap the power-up to use it anytime; it will destroy all enemy bullets and damage enemy ships. It will be triggered automatically if your ship gets hit, preventing you from being damaged.

The score multiplier in the upper right increases over time, but resets when you get hit. You also earn extra points for destroying all enemies in a group, and for finishing levels quickly.


Tilt - Hold the device at about a 45 degree angle to use tilt mode. Adjust the sensitivity until it feels right.

Touch - Touch and slide anywhere on the screen to move your ship. Increased touch sensitivity is better for large screens. This is the recommended control mode.

Direct - Your ship will move to where you touch, and always remain under your finger as you slide.

- MOGA -

MOGA controller support is available in version 2.9 for Android.

Set the control type to Touch in the options menu.

Adjust the sensitivity setting to change how fast the ship moves when you use the control pad or analog stick. High is a good setting for using the stick.

HID devices should also be functional, but may be stuck with digital rather than analog movement.

The information in the ICADE section about possible input problems and solutions may also apply to MOGA and HID devices, but I haven't yet encountered them.

Find out more about MOGA here: http://www.MOGAanywhere.com


iCade support is available in version 2.5 for iOS and 2.7 for Android.

After launching the game and connecting the iCade, you may need to switch away from the game and back to get the iCade to function properly. Just hit the home button and then re-open the game.

Set the control type to Touch in the options menu.

Adjust the sensitivity setting to change how fast the ship moves when you use the control pad. Normal is a popular speed.

Buttons 1 and 3 can be used to start or pause the game. All other buttons will trigger the bomb or switch game modes on the main menu.

You may need to turn off or disconnect your iCade device when you want to enter text, such as your name for the local scoreboards. The iCade is actually a keyboard, and iOS won't allow the on-screen keyboard to appear while a bluetooth keyboard is connected.

On Android, you may experience significant input lag if the iCade is connected while the game is running, including if it powers off to save battery then reconnects. Close and re-launch the game to get rid of the lag.

On some Android devices the game may not get any input from the iCade. I've been able to fix this by opening the "Android Keyboard" settings and changing the options. Weirdly, the device continues to work after changing the options back, so I haven't been able to narrow down exactly what needs to be changed to fix the problem. If you have tips, let me know!


I don't know if this is helpful for anyone, but I've added keyboard support on Android. I don't have a way to connect to the keyboard on iOS.

Use the arrow keys to move the ship.

B, Comma, or CTRL will use the bomb.

Space, Period, or Enter will pause or start the game.